I Am Grateful for New Memories

Yesterday I missed the chance to do a new post and for a very good reason. Yesterday during the day I really didn’t had time to sit down and write. I had my nieces at my house plus I tend to my mother. To be honest, the only time I have of peace and quite is late at night. At this time everyone has gone to their respective houses and my parents have gone to bed. It is then that I can sit down and concentrate into what it is I’m going to share with you. But yesterday was special, I could not sit down and write, I was on a car on my way to the airport to pick up some pretty amazing people, my sister and two nephews. To me that is a pretty good reason to miss a blog post. So I am grateful because they made it here safely and right on time for Thanksgiving celebrations!

So yes I missed to post the blog, but I am grateful that we will be building new memories and to me that is the most important thing in the whole world. It has been years since the three of us are together with our parents in Thanksgiving Day. I’m so glad to be able to spend this beautiful time with them, my nieces and nephews too, all together making meaningful new memories.

It is the memories of the things we lived together that will remain forever and ever. We will be able to experience all the happiness and love of being together every time we go down memory lane. I will cherish deeply in my heart all this beautiful moments, I will hold on to them forever. And when is time for me to go I will only take with me these moments were I was truly happy.

To Memories

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