Five Days of Outfits for Work/Plus Size Fashion

Since I am doing a Spending Fast/No Buy/Low Buy project I have challenged myself to not spend money on new clothes. Challenging, I know! But I'm committed to get out of debt and to have a more intentional life. To help me with this I have incorporated the KonMari Method to organize my closet and … Continue reading Five Days of Outfits for Work/Plus Size Fashion

Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Guys I am back home for a few months and I am missing the fall weather right now. I love my "Isla de Puerto Rico" but it is HOT, although my mother says that is perfect weather, I am melting. Enough of me rambling about hot weather and lets dive into Fall Fashion in Puerto … Continue reading Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

I came up with the Splendies add while scrolling through Instagram. I watched their video and went to their site to see what exactly was Splendies. After reading through and clicking on the different tabs on the website I was hitched! I have to admit that even though was excited I also was a little … Continue reading Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

First Stitch Fix Subscription Box

I finally gave in and signed up for a Stitch Fix subscription box. The box arrived a few days after signing up. It was very exciting when I got home and the box was there at my front door waiting for me.   Let me tell you how Stitch Fix works. You go onto their … Continue reading First Stitch Fix Subscription Box