I Am Grateful for My Goddaughter

There are so many forms of love, so this one is very special to me. Her name is Nayrobi and she is my goddaughter. She is a very special girl. She showed me that love and family are not only determined by the blood that run through our veins. My heart became a little bigger … Continue reading I Am Grateful for My Goddaughter

I Am Grateful for Mami

I am grateful for my "Mami" because I have the best one in the whole entire universe! Sorry folks,  she is my 'Mami" and I can't share her with you all (enough that I have to share her with my siblings, LOL)! I just Love who she is and I am so thankful for all … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Mami

Things I Am Grateful

Starting November 1st I will be posting a daily blog post about the Things I Am Grateful in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. We all have things that brings us joy and happiness and we are to be thankful for those things that better our life. I want you all to think really hard about what … Continue reading Things I Am Grateful