I Am Grateful for My Siblings

My life is so much easier and better because I have two wonderful siblings. I can't picture  my life without them. I am super grateful to have shared my childhood and continue to share experiences and memories as adults with them. My Sister,  Jocelyn I love my sister! She is my person, my other half, … Continue reading I Am Grateful for My Siblings

I Am Grateful for Papi

I have the best Papi that anyone can have! He is such a wonderful man, always there for us when we need him. My Papi is not like any other Papi, he is unique! He is my hero, my first love! I love you with all my heart and I thank you for always been … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Papi

I Am Grateful for Mami

I am grateful for my "Mami" because I have the best one in the whole entire universe! Sorry folks,  she is my 'Mami" and I can't share her with you all (enough that I have to share her with my siblings, LOL)! I just Love who she is and I am so thankful for all … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Mami

Things I Am Grateful

Starting November 1st I will be posting a daily blog post about the Things I Am Grateful in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. We all have things that brings us joy and happiness and we are to be thankful for those things that better our life. I want you all to think really hard about what … Continue reading Things I Am Grateful

Its Time for YOU!

There are plenty of times when you feel drained, tired, and without an ounce of energy. Why? Your body is telling you to take a break from the hecticness of your day to day life. Is telling you to recharge your batteries. We have plenty of reasons as to why we can't just take a … Continue reading Its Time for YOU!

Change is Inevitable

I have been thinking for a couple days what I want my first post to be about. I ponder upon different topics and I couldn't decided on one. Then yesterday while I heard my husband's alarm go off for the third time at 3:45 am (yes, he is a "snoozer"), the idea for my first … Continue reading Change is Inevitable