Trying a No Buy/Low Buy/Spending Fast

Jackie you are doing a spending what? Are you nuts? Is there something wrong? People, just calm down. Let me explain to you what is a Spending Fast and why and how I am going to do this. SPENDING FAST A Spending Fast is the process of only buying the things you need to survive. … Continue reading Trying a No Buy/Low Buy/Spending Fast

Goals for 2019

Hello! Happy New Year 2019! Hope you all had a great holiday and were able to spend it with the ones you love. So, it is the time of the year when we sit and have a heart to heart with our soul. Thinking about the year that ended and the one that is just … Continue reading Goals for 2019

Thanksgiving Day

Today was a very special day! I got to spend it together with my parents, my siblings, nieces and nephews. It has been a very long time since we have all been together to celebrate Thanksgiving. The food was delicious but the company was even better. Even my grandma, aunt and cousin were there too … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

I Am Grateful for My Husband

This is the last day of the I Am Grateful series. It has been a journey of discovering why I was grateful for and thinking down deeply on the things I was going to say, describing my feelings , and emotions. Today on this last day I am grateful to have a wonderful and amazing … Continue reading I Am Grateful for My Husband

I Am Grateful for My Marriage

Marriage was something I thought would never happened to me. My sister got married, my brother got married and then was me. But God had other plans. He had saved for me a wonderful man that turn out to be the best part of my life. My husband and I have been married for 9 … Continue reading I Am Grateful for My Marriage

I Am Grateful for New Memories

Yesterday I missed the chance to do a new post and for a very good reason. Yesterday during the day I really didn't had time to sit down and write. I had my nieces at my house plus I tend to my mother. To be honest, the only time I have of peace and quite … Continue reading I Am Grateful for New Memories

I Am Grateful for the Unknown

 Sorry this post is so late, I was watching a movie with my mother. Please forgive me that it is technically Sunday not Saturday (for some of you is still Saturday so it still count, LOL. So today you'll get two posts. Like my last post says, time is a tricky thing. On to the … Continue reading I Am Grateful for the Unknown

I Am Grateful for Time

As the end of this blog series comes to and end I have been thinking about TIME. There is something good and bad about it. Why? Well when I was getting ready to come home to be with my family I couldn't wait for the day to get here. Now that my time here is … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Time

I Am Grateful for Happiness

Sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out what I am grateful for I started thinking about the things that bring happiness to my life. I started thinking about my childhood and I realize I had a happy one. Yes we struggled, yes we sometimes did not get what we wanted for Christmas, … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Happiness

I Am Grateful for Perseverance

I have been reminded by my eight year old niece Alejandra that you have to be perseverant if you want to accomplish things. So here is how it went down.  Monday was a holiday and my three nieces were off from school. They came to my mom's and started planning what materials will had to … Continue reading I Am Grateful for Perseverance