Natural DIY Mask for Dry Skin

Ok, here I am again with another mask, this time I am trying to do something about my dry skin. I got to thank winter because without him making my skin and hair so dry I would have not discover this wonderful natural remedies. Today's mask is courtesy to In this link you can … Continue reading Natural DIY Mask for Dry Skin

DIY Hair Mask: Avocado, Banana, Olive Oil, and Egg

As you all know from my 2019 Goals post, one of my goals for this year is to take care of my body and to be debt free. It is for this reason that I am trying to be inventive in the way I take care of my skin and hair needs without spending any … Continue reading DIY Hair Mask: Avocado, Banana, Olive Oil, and Egg

Five Days of Outfits for Work/Plus Size Fashion

Since I am doing a Spending Fast/No Buy/Low Buy project I have challenged myself to not spend money on new clothes. Challenging, I know! But I'm committed to get out of debt and to have a more intentional life. To help me with this I have incorporated the KonMari Method to organize my closet and … Continue reading Five Days of Outfits for Work/Plus Size Fashion

Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Guys I am back home for a few months and I am missing the fall weather right now. I love my "Isla de Puerto Rico" but it is HOT, although my mother says that is perfect weather, I am melting. Enough of me rambling about hot weather and lets dive into Fall Fashion in Puerto … Continue reading Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

I came up with the Splendies add while scrolling through Instagram. I watched their video and went to their site to see what exactly was Splendies. After reading through and clicking on the different tabs on the website I was hitched! I have to admit that even though was excited I also was a little … Continue reading Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

First Stitch Fix Subscription Box

I finally gave in and signed up for a Stitch Fix subscription box. The box arrived a few days after signing up. It was very exciting when I got home and the box was there at my front door waiting for me.   Let me tell you how Stitch Fix works. You go onto their … Continue reading First Stitch Fix Subscription Box

Style Your Closet

If you are like me you probably struggle with the inevitable question, "WHAT I'M GOING TO WEAR TODAY?" Or another one very common "I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR" but when you open your closet there is a lot of potential that we have simply missed all this time. All we need is a little … Continue reading Style Your Closet

Valentine’s Day: Unconventional Suggestions on What to Wear

Wow! Valentine's day is in TWO DAYS, WHAT!! (This is me screaming). Why so quickly? How it has sneak in like that without warning? I'm pretty sure I ignored all of them stupid signs and now I'm in this dilemma. Today is Monday, February 12th, 2018 and I haven't go shopping for my Valentine's Day … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Unconventional Suggestions on What to Wear