Trying a New Makeup Brand: JOAH Beauty

Recently, I went to CVS and while browsing the store waiting for my client to finish I encounter a new makeup brand I’ve never seen. Knowing my self I knew I needed to come back to CVS to fully check out all the products. That afternoon after work I stopped back in a WOW, this brand has everything.

From lip liners, matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes to foundation and concealers. Everything a girl will need to do their entire face. I decided to get a few essentials try them out and see if I had discovered a new favorite.

Here is what I got and my thoughts about each product.

Selfie Ready Hydrating Primer

Selfie Ready Primer - Hydrating Photo credits:


I have been using this primer everytime I do my makeup. It is super hydrating and the makeup does glide smoothly. I love the fact that this primer has no scent at all. Nothing! Nada! So if you don’t like to have any scent on your makeup products, this is the primer for you. I decided to go for the hydrating primer because at the moment my skin is so dry that it needs all the hydration it can get.

Truly Yours Foundation

Photo credit: joahbeauty.com


The foundation is a light weight, light coverage. It will be perfect for days when you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup but still want to look like you have put some effort to it! I like the formula, and the dropper is super convenient to get everything out of the bottle. Genius idea!

Selfie Ready Setting Powder
Photo credit:

I used this powder to set my under eye area and my entire face. For setting your face is excellent, doesn’t feel dry but I wouldn’t necessary used this one to set under you eyes. Through out the day I noticed that the under eye area looked yellowish and not good at all. I will definitely want to try the translucent powder to probably set my under eye area. Otherwise, I had no complaints and I think it does the job of setting the foundation.

Selfie Ready Setting Spray
Photo credit:


This setting spray is the BEST! I love that is leaves my skin with a dewy finish, love the it has a wonderful smell, love that is not sticky or that is is too heavy. So far it hold up my makeup all day and my skin looks good! I definitely will be buying this one again.

Make her Gel-Out Eye Liner
Photo credit:


I don’t really hate or love this eye liner. It is like any other eyeliner, it gets the job done but I’m not particularly crazy about it. I like the color, it complements my eyes.

Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette in Bare
Photo credit:


The color pigmentation on this palette is amazing! For the price I pay for it I really think is a wonderful eye shadow palette. The colors are super cute, great for natural eye makeup look but with a twist. I have been using this almost every time I do my makeup. I love it!

I’m Your Jelly Bae! Matte Gel Lipstick
Photo credit:


The lipstick color is pretty and they have a good selection of colors. I’m not crazy about the formula, it is not a gel matte lipstick. On application it felt hard on the lips, and it is super drying. Not my favorite.

Overall, this brand is great, has its pros and cons, there is definitely room for improvement. I can see me reaching out for many of the items I’ve tried over and over again. I will recommend this brand to someone that is starting getting into makeup you won’t go broke and if anything gets damaged it wouldn’t necessarily be a huge loss. The prices are super affordable and is easy accessible at CVS or on their website I certainly will like to try other products of the brand to see what else I can find that can become part of my makeup collection.

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