Natural DIY Mask for Dry Skin

Ok, here I am again with another mask, this time I am trying to do something about my dry skin. I got to thank winter because without him making my skin and hair so dry I would have not discover this wonderful natural remedies.

Today’s mask is courtesy to In this link you can find all the details about this mask and four other that can help you treat that winter dry skin.

After carefully considering if I had all the ingredients for this mask and reading all the instructions, I decided to go for it. The list of items are so simple. You only need… (drum roll) two ingredients, organic coconut oil and raw honey. That’s it! That’s how easy and simple this mask is.

After getting all the ingredients together. You will need a bowl for mixing the ingredients, a tablespoon to measure the honey and coconut, and a whisk or fork to mix the ingredients together. In my case, I had to used an extra bowl to microwave the coconut oil because it was to hard to whisk. I just gave it about 15 seconds in the microwave and that did the trick.

you need to whisk the ingredients really good, removing any lumps!

The consistency of my mask looks different than the one of the original website! I don’t know, maybe i whisk it too much, but to be honest I liked the consistency, it was smooth!

I applied the mask with a silicone brush or spatula for easy application but if you don’t have one don’t suffer you can use your clean fingers to apply it. As soon as I applied it to my face it started melting and the liquid started dripping down me neck. I recommend you wear something you don’t mind getting stains on it! Your shirt will get stains!

After applying it I waited 20 minutes and then washed my face.


The mask was easy to prepare and easy to apply on the skin. The smell of it was amazing and it felt so hydrating and moisturizing on the skin.

The only complaint I have is that after taking the mask off, my skin was greasy and it was not a great feeling. I ended up washing my face with my face wash to take the greasiness away. After that my skin felt super hydrated and so soft! It is recommended on the website to follow up with your regular moisturizer to lock in moisture.

My cheeks were my problem area, before the mask they felt like sand paper, after the mask they were so smooth!

I will recommend this mask to anyone with dry skin and will definitely be in my Black Book of Masks!

Disclosure: Line any treatment try it first on a small area to look for any side effects this might have on your skin. I am not a professional this is just my opinion.

Until next time…

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