My Experience with the KonMari Method

My closet before and after

Everyone was talking about Mari Kondo and her new show on Netflix, Tidying Up. I wanted to see for myself what was all the buzz. Oh, boy what an error was that. I saw the first episode and I was instantly hooked! I watched all 8 episodes in a day period.

After watching I was determined that I was going to get my house organized the way that she had done for the people on the show. The following day I started the process of getting my closet and drawers organized. OH, MY that was a daunting task! At one point I told myself, “Jackie, I think you bite more than you can chew”. As you can see by the picture above, my closet was a complete mess! My drawers were even worst. Totally disorganized, shoes all over it, and a massive amount of clothes bursting of the seams.

I was determined to follow to a T her method. I started by pulling out all the clothes from every nook and cranny I could think of. After everything was pulled and piled on top of the bed, reality hit me. It was very overwhelming and an eyeopener. I could not believe the amount of items of clothing I owned. It was completely and utterly ridiculous. I continued by sorting through my items one by one, holding them up and asking my self the important question, DOES THIS SPARKS JOY?. Honestly, it worked! When I watched the people on the show doing it I thought that was a little cheesy, but it really is like that. As soon as you hold an item you know if the item sparks joy into your life, if it doesn’t then you decide to either donate the item or part way with it by throwing it in the trash, not without THANKING the item for the service it provided and the purpose it served.

This was not all, the pile on the bed was much bigger.

This experience has changed my life completely. I organized my closet and drawers and they look amazing.


Her method is so much more than just getting your items organized. For me it changed the way I look at my entire life, every aspect of it. I’m not saying I have become all of a sudden this clean, control, and organized freak. Right now, while I am writing this post there is a basket full of clothes that needs to be fold in the corner of my room and there is some papers scattered over the desk. I still have a long way to go but this experience has transformed the way I look at the items I possess. It opened my eyes to the possibility that I do not need to hold on to things just because “I might need them at some point”. That is how clutter starts its way into our life.

Material things are just that, things. I don’t need to have 20 pairs of shoes when in reality I only use 4 out of the 20. It puts in perspective what is really important in my life. The things I currently have in my closet and drawers are the things that I’m always reaching for, that I feel my best in it, confident, and most of all, comfortable.

Life is so much easier now that everything has a home. Getting ready in the morning is an easy task now, everything is right there in display and easily accessible. I have so much space now in my closet and in my drawers. Is crazy to me that before I decided to take on the challenge of implementing the KonMari Method, I could not open the drawers of my dresser. Everything was so jammed up that it was impossible to search for anything. Now, I have an empty drawer and two drawers that are half full. Mind blowing!

There are no regrets of doing the KonMari Method. I will have to say that the only downside of it is that now it takes me longer to fold the clothes. LOL! I guess once I’ve do it for a while it will become easier and faster. For now, I don’t mind the struggle it just a small price to pay.

On a positive note, my husband is super happy now that I decided to get organized. Even his closet got and overhaul. He is even more happy! Even though, he is super organized, time some times slips out of his hands when he is trying to juggle work, college, and family. So his closet and drawers get messy some times. I know this bothers him, so now he has an ally that will help him stay and keep things organized. He is sometimes so particular that is almost to the point of OCD (don’t tell him I said that, LOL). For him, the KonMari Method has been a blessing. He doesn’t know what Mari Kondo did with his wife.

If you have attempted the KonMari Method or currently are in the middle of figure things out, please leave your comments and questions down below. I would love to hear what are the things that you are doing, and how this has changed your life.

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