Five Days of Outfits for Work/Plus Size Fashion

Since I am doing a Spending Fast/No Buy/Low Buy project I have challenged myself to not spend money on new clothes. Challenging, I know! But I’m committed to get out of debt and to have a more intentional life.

To help me with this I have incorporated the KonMari Method to organize my closet and drawers. I spent the entire weekend organizing it and getting rid off things that were not sparking joy into my life anymore. I was able to stream down my closet and drawers to the things that I love and wear all the time.

If you want to learn more about the KonMari Method go over to Netflix and watch her show Tidying Up.You will be hooked and you will be wanting to apply it on to your life too.

Here I provide you and example of a week of work outfits I was able to put together with items of clothing I already own. This outfits are appropriate for a business casual environment.

When I was putting the outfits together it felt like I was actually shopping for new clothes, but without spending any money! My closet and drawers have everything I need to look good and feel amazing!

Outfit Number 1

I want to wear my dresses even if it is winter. What a better way to do it than adding leggins and boots. This is my favorite outfit of all!

Dress: Is from H&M size 12 (always try clothing before buying, if I would’ve bought the dress a size 14 it would’ve been way too big on me, sizes vary by brand) I bought this dress last year with the intention to wear it for my birthday and I never did.

Duster: Is from Forever 21 size Large. This I also bought it for my birthday to wear it with a body suit.

Boots: Are from JCPenney and I bought them about 3 years ago on Black Friday. They have been well love, but I love the way they fit!

Leggins: They are navy blue size X-Large and I bought them in Puerto Rico 2 years ago. I had never worned them before.

Earings: I got them last year as a birthday gift from my husband.

Outfit Number 2

This outfit is one of the newest things I have in my closet. I bought this outfit to wear as a traveling outfit. After 3 months of not seeing my husband I wanted to look good.

Sweater: I bought it at Marshalls, the brand is Cable & Gauge and its size Large.

Leggings: The brand is MTLA and they are size X-Large. I got them from my last Stitch Fix box.

Booties: They are size 10 and I got them at Shoe Carnival in Puerto Rico.

Earrings: I bought them in Puerto Rico at a store called Fallas. They came in a pack of 6 earrings of different sizes. I’m set up for a while on earrings!

Outfit Number 3

I love wearing black but with pops of colors looks even better!

Dress: The dress is MaxStudio is size L. I got is as a gift from my Mom this past Christmas.

Scarf: Same as outfit number four.

Leggings: They are so old I can’t even the read the brand on the tag. I even know where I bought them from. I do know they are size X-Large.

Boots: This are my newest shoes. I bought them from Khols on Black Friday and they are size 10.

Earrings: This gold earings are my sisters! I borrowed them when she went to see my Mom in Puerto Rico, she left them behind and now they are mine!

Outfit Number 4

This outfit is comfortable but still work appropriate!

Cardigan: This cardigan is from Charlotte Russe size Large. I bought it about 3 years ago and is one of my favorite.

Long Sleeve Shirt: This black long sleeve shirt is my favorite! The brand is Cynthia Rowley size X-Large. I bought it at Marshall’s about 2 years ago.

Leggings: They are size X-Large. I got the leggins on my last Stitch Fix box.

Scarf: This black scarf has been with me for many years. I’m Not sure where Igor it! It is so soft and it complements my outfits.

Booties: This booties are from CATO and they are size 10. I got them for my birthday 3 years ago.

Outfit Number 5

This outfit is the most comfortable one of the 5!

Sweater: I bought the sweater at Meijer and it size X-Large. It is so comfy!

Pants: The pants are navy blue, got them at Marshalls about 2 years ago and they are size 14. The brand is 1882.

Booties: They are size 10 and I got them at Shoe Carnival in Puerto Rico.

Earrings: This is another pair of earing from the pack of 6 earrings that I got in Puerto Rico.

Hope you can gain some inspiration from my outfits! Don’t ever say you don’t have nothing to wear, odds are that you have more than you even know. You just need to have a little of creativity and motivation to find new life for your clothing!

See you on the blog!


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