I Am Grateful for the Unknown

 Sorry this post is so late, I was watching a movie with my mother. Please forgive me that it is technically Sunday not Saturday (for some of you is still Saturday so it still count, LOL. So today you’ll get two posts. Like my last post says, time is a tricky thing. On to the post now. 

Why I am grateful for the unknown, you might ask? Well sometimes we try to be so precise, planned every little aspect of our life. Then something unknown and unexpected happens that changes the course of our life. I know this first hand. I think that when something unknown happens in our life is because is what it needed to happen in the first place. It was meant to be.

I met my husband, the man I love because one of those unknown things of life. We both were working at the same factory, same shifts just different areas. So we had never crossed paths, but something unexpected happened, the areas I was working on was reducing personnel so I was asked to trained for another area. And you know what area I was put on, yes, my husband’s.

I met the most wonderful man, the man I was meant because something unexpected, something unknown to me happened. That is why I am grateful for the unknown. It has brought me one of the best things of my life, my husband (he will get his own post soon, that I guarantee you). So don’t be afraid of the things that you don’t know or that you are not certain because they can be the biggest blessings of your life.

To the Unknown

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