I Am Grateful for Time

As the end of this blog series comes to and end I have been thinking about TIME. There is something good and bad about it. Why? Well when I was getting ready to come home to be with my family I couldn’t wait for the day to get here. Now that my time here is approaching to an end I want time to stall a little. It is definitely a sword with two edges. My mom has breast cancer and I can’t wait for her treatments to end but when they end I have to leave. So TIME is bittersweet!

I have to be grateful for TIME, without it life would be a complete chaos. Happiness and sadness would be inexistent, life would be out of balance. So thank you time because you help bring the happiest moments and the saddest ones too. Both of them will bring a memory and that is too valuable for me. I can’t be mad at TIME, you are too important in my life.

Thank you God for TIME!

To Time

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