I Am Grateful for Happiness

Sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out what I am grateful for I started thinking about the things that bring happiness to my life. I started thinking about my childhood and I realize I had a happy one. Yes we struggled, yes we sometimes did not get what we wanted for Christmas, yes we were not swimming in loads of money but we were happy. Our parents loved us, there was always food on the fridge, we had shoes on our feet, and we were clothed. We were actually richer than most people.

I am grateful because as I get older I realized that are the simple things in life that bring more happiness into my life than any fancy thing. I have a wonderful husband (his post is coming soon), I have an amazing family, I have an awesome group of friends, I have everything I can possibly need to be happy.

Happiness is waking up in the morning because I know that many did not wake up to see another day. Happiness is feeling the warming hugs of my husband. Happiness is hearing my nieces telling me how much they love me. Happiness is knowing that I have two wonderful nephews that love me no matter what. Happiness is counting on my sister and brother to lean on. Happiness is knowing that my parents love me above all my mistakes. Happiness is getting home after a long day’s work and know that no matter how hard the day was my dog Pepper will be waiting for me to get home with such joy. This are the things that give me the biggest satisfaction and happiness of all.

God, I am grateful because I AM HAPPY. Thank you for blessing me with everything I have and more. Thank you for the gift of happiness. 

To Happiness 

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