I Am Grateful for Perseverance

I have been reminded by my eight year old niece Alejandra that you have to be perseverant if you want to accomplish things. So here is how it went down. 

Monday was a holiday and my three nieces were off from school. They came to my mom’s and started planning what materials will had to buy to do SLIME. Yes, slime. My big mouth had told them that the next time they come to the house we were going to buy the materials for the slime and we would attempt to do it. So of course, they did not forget and were constantly asking “when are we going to buy the stuff”.

I had to go to the supermarket so along they came to help me with groceries but most importantly to buy the materials for the slime. We came home, put groceries away and then it was time to do SLIME. They got all the ingredients together, we had disposable bowls, spoons, knife plus all the material we had bought from the store. 

We start dividing the glue into four sections, we add the color, we add the baking soda, and we add the eye contact solution. We were up to a good start but then it came the moment of true. We started using our hands and were having so much fun. Daniela (my other 8 year old) was able to achieved the perfect consistency, Camila (my 10 year old) was able to achieved somewhat the consistency of slime but Alejandra’s and mine was not even close. My slime was so hard that it was impossible to stretch it out, Alejandra’s slime was more like play doh than slime. Needless to say, Alejandra was disappointed and even mad that hers did not turn out good. I am not going to lie to you, I was also disappointed that mine did not turn out good as well.

Here is when I learned from my 8 year old that you should never give up and that you have to be perseverant if you want to achieve your dreams and goals. Our goal was to make slime and we failed but then she mesmerized me. Alejandra took the two empty bottles of glue and started pouring whatever was left onto her empty bowl. I look at her and I ask her what was she trying to do. She responded to me with determination, “I am making more slime”.  Her face was the face of someone on a mission. She squeezed up to the last bit of glue, added the baking soda, the eye solution, and started working the slime. At the end she had just a tiny blob of SLIME. She did it! She was so happy that she was able to do it. Her face lit up so much after she was done. She looked at me and says with proudness, ” I did not give up”. Then she goes to my mom with her slime and says “Abuela I did not give up, I did it”.

I looked at her and I couldn’t stop smiling because indeed, her slime did not work out the first time but as stubborn as she is, she did not give up. She went at it again with new determination and the certainty that she was going to try it even if she fails. In that moment she thought me a huge lesson!

I am grateful that the circumstances that have brought me to Puerto Rico have been a blessing in disguise. I have been able to spend quality time with my nieces. I have been able to know them better and we have solidify our bond much more. I have learned to have perseverance and to never give up. 

To Perseverance

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