I Am Grateful for HOPE

HOPE, just a four letter word that have a huge impact in our lives. I am grateful because I can say that HOPE is not lost and I still believe that things are going to be alright. Today three of my aunts came to visit my mom and they provided a new perspective on hope. Also I had a very good conversation with my supervisor that helped me, once more, rekindle the flame of hope.

Sometimes we think that there is nothing more you can do or there is no more to be done, then life surprises and the sparkle of hope lights your life again. Life can be tough, full of unexpected moments, and it can hit you hard with the most unbelievable things. The key is not to give up hope that there is something better on the other side of the mountain or that the sun will light up again. The storm is not as big as you think you just have lost perspective, your hope has been covered and it can’t shine through.

Continue pushing through and don’t give up. You can handle whatever comes your way because there is a bigger one standing beside you and going through the storm with you making sure that you can make it safe to the other side. God is great and he is so big that sometimes we want to stuffed him into this tiny little box. Think big and big things will come. Don’t lose site of the end, hope will guide you there.

Thank you God for sending people into my life to help me take off the cover that the circumstances had put on top of my hope. Thank you because it has been lifted.


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