I Am Grateful for My Life

I know is late but I didn’t want to end today without writing why I was grateful for. I committed to post everyday and I will do it no matter what.

Today I am grateful for the life I get to live. My life is not extravagant or exciting all the time but is my life and I love it. I only have one life and I will not duel on the things I wish were different or on the things I’ve yet to accomplish. Life is too short and I am going to enjoy every bits of it, the good and the not so good. If I can change something that I don’t like I will do it but I will have no regrets if I can’t accomplish it.

I want to live my life to the fullest and that also includes the not so good moments. They will provide me with new perspectives of this life that is only mine (and Gods) and only us will decide its course.

Take control of your life and start living it. Do not wait until tomorrow because today is what’s important. This life was given to us to make the best of it and that is what I’m intending to do.

Thank you God for this life, it is imperfectly beautiful!

Love, Jackie

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