I Am Grateful for Love

I have been blessed with so many kinds of love. Love is a wonderful force that moves me in so many directions. I have loved and have been loved and for that I am grateful. There are many people around this world that are still yet to experiment the beauty of love. Once you get the chance to know it and feel it your life will dance to a different song.

Love can come in many shapes and forms and it can be expressed in so many different ways. There is romantic love, familiar love, affectionate love, etc. So not one way of love expression is the correct one. We are all different so logic says that then love will be experiment and expressed in many different ways as well. The important thing is that you are open and willing to received it and also to reciprocate it too. Because love can only survive if it goes both ways.

Thank you God for your Love! Thank you for passing it out to me so I can give it to others. You have given us the tools to be able to feel love and to give love, we just need to open up our hearts and love will come.

I will live you with my favorite quote. “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

Love, Jackie

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