I Am Grateful for Another Day

Today has been such a hectic day that I almost had no time to write my post. That’s why I am grateful for having another day. For coming to the realization that I need to make time to be with the ones I love. I have been given another day to let them know how much I love them and how important they all are for me. I have another day to reflect on life and to put in perspective what matters more.

I am forever grateful for waking up another day. We all take for granted that we are going to be here tomorrow. In reality none of us know that for a fact. Let us not take for granted anything that this wonderful life has to offer us.

Life can sometimes entangle us in the up and downs of the everyday that can make us lose site of the real purpose we woke up today. Life so much more than working, paying bills, and figure out what’s for dinner.  Life is not about trying to find someone to blame for our failures and shortcomings. Life is not to be wasted in nonchalant arguments that end in nothing.

Life is about taking time to enjoy the little things. To allow ourselves to get lost in the beauty of a butterfly, a child’s laughter or simply the gift of  silence. Life is about spending time to find ourselves, to realize what we want to make out of it. Life is about letting go of the things that we can not control and let the universe take care of it.

If we don’t open our eyes, life is going to pass us by so quickly. At the end of it we are going to realize how much time we wasted on things that did not needed our devoted attention. Life goes on with you or without you. So lets make the best of it.

Thank you Lord for the gift of this day!

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