I Am Grateful for Friendship

Friends! I have a few of them but they are so valuable and have become more than friends, we are family. Contrary with what people might perceived of me, I am a very shy person and at times it has become so hard for me to make new friends. So the friends I have I cherish them and I hold them very near to my heart.

Friendship is something we choose, it is not imposed. So to me friends are important because I chose them and they chose me to established a relationship, to be friends. There are friends that come into our life for a brief period of time, and off they go to better things. Other friends are part of our lives and even if we have not kept in touch, when we are together its like time has not passed. We can rekindle that friendship and it is as strong as ever. Then there the friends that have been there through out every single facet of our lives.

I have learned from all of you and I surely cherish all the memories that we’ve built together. You came to my life in a moment when I needed so much and for that I am grateful. So even if you’ve just passed by my life or if you have stayed in it for the long run, I  will always be grateful for that friendship.

My life would’ve been so boring if I didn’t had the gift of friendship. There are moments when we can disagree and argue but through all we have stayed true to our friendship. Not because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and that I wouldn’t be your friend anymore. That is the beauty of friendship, we can be honest and sincere, we don’t have to hide what we think or how we feel. We can truly be ourselves!

Thank you to all my friends for giving me a piece of yourself for me to keep. I carry each one of you very close to my heart. Life is so much better because I had the blessing to experience this amazing love that friendship brings.

To All My Friends, I Love You

adult business close up friendship

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