I Am Grateful for My Extended Family

I have a big family, aunts, uncles, and a load of cousins. As Puerto Rican the “familia” plays a huge role, is the most important thing after God. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing family while I was growing up.

Playing with the “primos” and “primas” was the best part of my childhood. My “tíos” and “tías” where like having another set of parents. You better did not disrespect a “tío” or “tía” because you were doom. They were able to spank you and the “tías” also had the “chancla” and they were allowed to used it. Our parents gave them all the authority so there was no messing up with them.

My aunts and uncles are all such wonderful people. They loved you and spoiled you too. They were there through my entire childhood. My character, values, and beliefs were all influenced by the whole “familia”. There was a sense of unity that still prevails ’till this day. You were taught by all the members of the “familia” to be a good neighbor, to be respectful to others, and to cherish family above all. I was taught to respect my elders and to take care of my own. Family was the center of all!

I am grateful for the blessing of having such an amazing extended family, for their love, their support, and teachings. I am grateful for all the memories I carry with me, for the wonderful moments that had such an impact in my life ’till this day. I love you all and I wish we can continue to be together passing on to the younger generations what the value of  the “familia”.

I Love You All

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