I Am Grateful for My Grandparents

My grandparents have been an important part of my life. They help my parents raised my siblings and I. My grandparents had such an influence in my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to have all of them through my childhood and great part of my adulthood.

Right now I have lost three of my grandparents and I carry them so dearly into my heart. Certainly, is difficult to visit their houses and notice the absence, the void, the emptiness.

Although I can feel their absence by walking around the house, I can also see so many wonderful memories come to life. I can still see Mama in the kitchen cooking her white rice, her “pegao” was the best ever. I can still taste the “jugo de china concentrado” that she would give me every time I visited her. I can see Papa sitting in the balcony waiting to see who needed his company. I called him “gasolina” because he always had a yes to accompany who ever came to picked him up. I can hear all his jokes, LOL. He was such a happy person! In my entire life I never saw him mad or arguing. He loved Mama with all his heart and he was alway showing her his love for her. He was such a wonderful man that after 18 years it still hurts.


I can see Abuelo with the “asada” cutting the grass around the house or planting things all over. He was always doing something around the grounds of the house. He was a though guy, and he had not an easy childhood but he had such a soft spot for his grandkids. I remember that I stayed with him in the house when my grandma had surgery and he made breakfast for me. He was always making sure that we were fed and had drank “cafe”. He had a different way to show his love and affection. He was funny in his own way! I can remember that he will sit in the couch and pretend to be dead, with his tongue sticking out, and when I got closer he will wake up and started laughing. I love him and miss not see him laying in his bed taking a nap, even though he was always saying that he had insomnia, LOL. Abuelo, I truly miss you!


Abuelita is my only living grandparent and to me is such a blessing to have her. I love that I have been given to enjoy her. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to show her my love and affection, to talk to her and get some of her wisdom pass on to me, and to still enjoy her delicious “cafe con leche”. Abuela is such a wonderful woman! She has been through so many things in her life but she still maintains a great attitude, positive outlook, and a lovable personality.

I am so grateful for all my grandparents, for their love, teachings and examples because they will be passed on to my nieces, nephews, cousins, and maybe one day to my own children. Anyone who had the opportunity to have their grandparents around when they were little know how awesome life was at their houses. They spoiled us, loved us, and where always there for us no matter what. I thank God for allowing me to have all that, I just can’t imagine not having them in my life!

Love You Mama, Papa, Abuelo and Abuela

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