I Am Grateful for My Nephews and Nieces

There is no greater love than the ones I feel for my nephews and nieces! This love is so pure and indescribable! Words cannot give it justice! I feel immensely grateful for having this five babies in my life! The happiness they bring to my life is unimaginable. They are my pride and joy!



My oldest nephew, the one that made me an aunt, the one that showed me how much you can love so intensely another human being, the one the stole my heart. Titi loved you since day one! Even when I didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl I loved you! See in you that first day of your life so small and fragile, and a head full of hair (LOL); my heart literally exploded because I couldn’t contain my love for you.

You are such a wonderful young man! I still can believe than just in a few days you will be seventeen years old! If I just hold you in my arms, how is this happening. Now you are about to be a college student! Where did time has gone!

Abdiel, I love you and I am so proud of who you are and what you will be! I just can’t wait to ride this new adventure with you and see what the next chapter is going to bring you!


My baby, my love, my sweet boy! My heart is so full of love and care for you! When your mother told me she was pregnant I started imagine what would you look like or how would you be. And then you came along and I just looked at you and what I imagine did not do any justice to the beautiful baby I had in my arms.

You show me that my heart can stretched farther than what I have imagine. You thought me that love is never ending. I love you with all the strengths of my heart! I am so proud that you are my nephew. I see you and my heart melts every time!

Omar, I love how caring you are, the way you say “mua” at the end of our conversations, and that you are always looking up for your Mami. You are becoming a young man and I wish that does qualities about you never change! I love you more than the words can express it!


My heart became so much bigger when I learn that you were in your Mami’s tummy. When I saw you for the first time my heart skipped a bit because I just couldn’t imagine my world without you! I am so grateful that I have you in it because you make it 10 times better.

You are such a bright and beautiful young girl, how is it that you are already ten years old. I am grateful that even in the distance we have been able to cultivate our relationship and our love. I love you with every bit of my heart, and my heart drums a little faster because of you!

I love you Camila, and I am so proud to be your aunt! I love the way you call me ‘Titi”, the way you carry yourself with such confidence (please never loose that), and that ‘sassiness” that characterize you.

Daniela and Alejandra

You came into my life as a two for one deal, LOL. Since the moment I learn that I was having twin nieces something inside me changed. My heart grew bigger and bigger that I thought it was going to explode but it didn’t. I learn since the beginning that my heart is so stretchy that can carry more than what I expect. I am so grateful that I get to see the two of you grow and I love it!


My sassy, makeup and fashion lover, just like Titi! You have such a unique personality, you can light up a room just with your presence. I love how you are always boosting my self-esteem without realizing it. I love you just the way you are! You are beautiful, bright, opinionated, lovable, and caring! Please don’t let anyone tell you other wise!


My sweet baby girl! You have such a force, a personality so strong that always amaze me. I love how carefree you, how you don’t care into fitting in any molds (don’t stop doing that), how you follow your heart and your instincts at such a young age. I love you! You are so beautiful and also caring! I love how you can change my day with just your loving words.

Abdiel, Omar, Camila, Daniela and Alejandra

I can’t thanked God enough for the blessing of having all of you in my life. He chose me from all the people in this world to be your aunt, that is the greatest gift of all! I love you and I will be there forever and ever for whatever you’ll need.

I love you Abdiel, Omar, Camila and Alejandra


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