I Am Grateful for Papi


I have the best Papi that anyone can have! He is such a wonderful man, always there for us when we need him. My Papi is not like any other Papi, he is unique! He is my hero, my first love! I love you with all my heart and I thank you for always been there for me. I know I have not been the easiest to deal with (LOL!) but you have always been by my side. Your love and support are in over abundance.

Thank you for all your words of wisdom and unconditional advice! I honor you as well because you are the best Papi any girl can ask for. You are such an example for me and my siblings. You have showed us with your example and dedication; to not settle for less, to always do better, to not give up at the first adversity, and to always shoot for the stars.

You have inspired me to become a better person and to want to do more! I am so proud to be your daughter! You mean the world to me and I know my life is so much better because you are a great part of it!

Papi, I am so proud of you! You are a jack of all trades! Always trying new things and learning new things. I admire your dedication and perseverance. I want to be just like you, to learn new things and to not be afraid of failure, because they help us become a better version of ourselves.  You have never give up and that is one of the best lessons you can pass to us, your kids.

Sometimes as adults we get caught up into the craziness of the every day life and we forget to express our love for the ones that matter most. For that reason, I want to tell you that I Love You to the moon and back and I don’t want you to ever forget it. If Mami is the glue that keeps our family together, you are the structure to which we can lean on because we know that you are going to be there holding us, forever.

I thank God for giving me a wonderful father and for letting me be your daughter. I thank Him because he chose you to be my Papi. I thank Him for allowing me to be here for you, in a time when you need it more! Please don’t forget that I am here for you, to support you the same you have done it for me your entire life!


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