Summer Adventures

This summer has been a fun one! Sad that is over but I’m certainly looking forward for Fall! Let me share with you my summer adventures.



My husband and I, along with his aunt, uncle and cousins went on  a road trip to CANADA. I’ve never been to Canada neither my husband, saying that we were excited is an understatement. We have been wanting to finally scratch this one from our bucket list since 2009, and we finally DID IT!

We decided to enter Canada through Detroit, and had a quick stop at Michigans Welcome Center, this was the perfect start of our Journey.


You are going to call me crazy but after crossing the border the atmosphere felt so different, even the air smelled more pure and crisp.

Niagara Falls, Ontario


The first time we drove by the Falls I was just taken by its beauty and majesty. They are really breath taking and the roar of the waters was impressive. It is truly a Wonder of the World! The water that runs through the falls comes from the Great Lakes and it is said that the river is 12,000 years old. IMPRESSIVE!

We walk around and took tons of pictures. It has been one of the best experiences of this year 2018. Now, I will let the pictures tell you our experience!

Also, very close from the Falls there is the biggest whirlpool in the world and we had the opportunity to see it. It was incredible!


Toronto is such a lovely city! It has tons of natural parks, the people is super nice and the food was amazing. I am so glad we were able to fit this into our schedule. We spent a day exploring Toronto. This is a vibrant city and I love that every where you turn there is a mural to be seen. It gives this city such a charming atmosphere.


We even enjoyed a major leagues game at the Rogers Stadium between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Milwaukee Brewers. It was definitely a great experience. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays lost!



Ottwawa is a magical city! If you have never been to Europe and want to experience the culture and the wonderful architecture that Europe offers I recommend you to go to Ottawa. It is such a well tought out city, the blend between old and new was done really well. The Parliament is massive and impressive. They also have the change of the guard during the early morning, but unfortunately we missed it. The statues and monuments that surround the city are wonderful. It was raining but that didn’t stoped us from enjoying the city. Thankfully after 3:00pm the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy it even more.




Sadly we had to say good bye to Canada and go back home but not without stopping at the Niagara Falls Park in NY.


We wanted to see the falls from the US side. The view of all three falls is definitely better from the Canada side but it was still lovely to see it from the US side. Definitely you are closer to the water at the US side than you are at the Canada side, that was pretty neat. Also the weather was beautiful and it let us appreciate more the entire landscape.


Right after I came back from Canada I had to make a trip to Puerto Rico. It was not a pleasure trip but I was able to fit in a day at the beach and most importantly I was able to spend time with my family.

For us Latinos family is super duper important. The ‘Familia’ comes firts before anything else. So if someone gets sick or if someone passes away you are to be there for the family. You eat, talk, laugh, sign, dance, and eat some more! Family is what keeps us going, is the glue that keeps our hearts together.






The week after I came back from Puerto Rico my job send me to Jacksonville, FL to a national conference. To say that I didn’t have to unpack my suit case was an understament. I only had to pull out some stuff and switched them with more work appropiate things, and that was it!

This was such a great experience! To be in a room with more than 1,700 individuals that are as passionate as you are about the work that we do is an amazing feeling. Even though it was a work trip we were able to squeeze a night walk at the beach! Amazing!

Life is wonderful and we should enjoy it to the fullest! I have enjoyed some wonderful experiences, so I can’t wait for what else will come!


Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! It is such an honor to be able to share bits of my life with you!

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