Things I Am Grateful

Starting November 1st I will be posting a daily blog post about the Things I Am Grateful in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. We all have things that brings us joy and happiness and we are to be thankful for those things that better our life. I want you all to think really hard about what … Continue reading Things I Am Grateful

Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Guys I am back home for a few months and I am missing the fall weather right now. I love my "Isla de Puerto Rico" but it is HOT, although my mother says that is perfect weather, I am melting. Enough of me rambling about hot weather and lets dive into Fall Fashion in Puerto … Continue reading Fall Fashion in Puerto Rico

Jackie’s Book Club: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I recently finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Needless is to say that this book is really good and the author developed the story quite nicely. Summary Sharp Objects is a story of a reporter (Camille) that is send back to her hometown to cover a story of the murder of two young girls. … Continue reading Jackie’s Book Club: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn