Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

I came up with the Splendies add while scrolling through Instagram. I watched their video and went to their site to see what exactly was Splendies. After reading through and clicking on the different tabs on the website I was hitched! I have to admit that even though was excited I also was a little skeptical about the subscription service. But I still decided to go ahead and signed up for the subscription.

I learned that Splendies is a company founded in Santa Monica, CA in 2013. They offer two kinds of subscriptions that you can choose from, Splendies with sizes from S through XL and Volupties with sizes from 1X through 3X. This is something that really attracted me to give them a chance. To me it is very important that a company caters to a wide variety of individuals. Well done Splendies!

After that you’ll choose your size.

The type of package you want.

Then you select the plan you want. You can choose to pay monthly, three months, 6 months, and 12 months.

What I most like about this subscription is that you’ll be surprise every month with new panties. The moment I see the package in the mailbox I get so excited to find out what’s in it!Is like Christmas every month!

I hope that you’ll give it a try and experience for yourself this wonderful subscription. Feel free to click on the link to start your subscription with Splendies. Click to go to Splendies website.

Also make sure you click bellow to watch the video on my YouTube channel The Corner of Jackie to see my reaction to this month’s panties.

Splendies Unboxing – Underwear Subscription

Not a sponsored post.

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