Its Time for YOU!

There are plenty of times when you feel drained, tired, and without an ounce of energy. Why? Your body is telling you to take a break from the hecticness of your day to day life. Is telling you to recharge your batteries. We have plenty of reasons as to why we can’t just take a break believe I know is not easy. Carving time for yourself from your busy schedule is necessary.

I personally try to take a couple minutes everyday to do something I like. I might read a book, or a magazine, or I’ll just sit on my back patio to just enjoy the summer breeze. But on Sundays I take time to take care of me in a more meaningful way.

Bellow are some tips that I personally do to care of myself, to relax, unwind and recharge my batteries.

Stay in bed a little longer

alone bed bedroom blur

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We tend to get up early everyday for work so having that little extra time under the sheets is what you’ll need to start relaxing and unwinding. Not gettine enough sleep can be very detrimental for our health. So take a day to sleep in and catch up on some needed sleep. Your body will greatly appreciate it!

Take time to care of yourself

Most of the time you are taking care of everyone and you forget the most important person in this world, YOU. Take time during the week to take care of you, whether is something special you do every day or ,like me, on an specific day. The important thing is that you put yourself first. Believe me you are going to thank me later after you start doing this. You will be able to start the week more energize and with a better mood.

This is my self-care routine. Sunday is a day that I dedicate to take care of myself. I start the day with a good and healthy breakfast.


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I feed my soul by going to church. Afterwards I come home and is time to just relax and start unwinding all the pressures of the week before. I love to take care of my face and my body.

I will take a warm bath, listen to some calming and relaxing music, and seep to some refreshing drink. After my bath is time to take care of my face. For that I love to use masks. Specially sheet masks, they are my favorite because they are not too complicated and since I’m trying to relax is the perfect fit for me. This the one I used last Sunday. I got this one at Walmart but you can find similars at any drugstore.


Once the mask is on is time to relax while waiting for the mask to do its magic! Usually I laid in bed, grab a book or magazine and wait to the time to go off.

Mask is on! Photo: thecornerofjackie

My comfy bed. Photo: thecornerofjackie











After the mask is of my skin feels so smooth and rejuvenated! I am ready to hit the bed and get that much needed rest to take on Monday with full batteries. Ready for what the week might bring my way!

For more ideas on how to incorporate self-care into your routine I have link an article that I think might help you do just that.


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Unplugged yourself from social media at least for 30 minutes before you go to bed everyday. Having time to let your brain relax and prepare to sleep is super important. Getting on the habit to unplugged from social media is not easy, but not impossible. Start small, maybe unplugging 5 minutes before bed, then 10 minutes, and so on until you reach 30 minutes. Incorporating this habit to your nightly routine will improve your sleeping habits and your overall health.

Here is a link to two articles that talks about the benefits of unplugging everything before bed:



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