Traveling My Own State: Episode 2 King’s Island Mason, OH

My husband and I love to ride roller-coasters and when we moved to Ohio we learned that there are two great amusement parks relatively close to our house. Kings Island located in Mason, OH and Cedar Point located in Sandusky, OH. Both parks are own by Cedar Fair. To give you a little overview of the park Kings Island opened its doors on April 29, 1972. It has more than 100 attractions plus with park admission you can enjoy Soak City Water Park.

On Friday, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have some well deserve fun and headed to Kings Island Amusement Park. The park is about an hour away from our house, which made it even more appealing since we only had one day to drive and visit the park. We arrived at the park around 12:30 pm (late, I know).

As soon as we got in we grabbed a map and where trying to decide where to go first. My husband suggested to go and ride Banshee. We got in line (lines were particularly small on this day, maybe because it was a week day) to wait our turn. We are at the gate waiting for it to open to get in our seats. I myself always get nervous and a little anxious which is always part of the trilling experience.

Then we headed to The Bat, my least favorite of all. Remember that I told you in the beginning that I love to ride roller coasters. Well, maybe is because it has been a long time since I had been on a roller coaster or maybe is because I am getting old for them but I was not handling the action too well. We move on to the Drop Tower.

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This one is one of my favorite. When you get to the top before the drop you can see the entire park and beyond. The Drop Tower is a little bit much like The Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but with only one drop. The Tower of Terror will drop you off several times, it is one of my favorite attractions from Disney World.

Even though, I was able to handle the Drop Tower, I still wasn’t feeling all that good and I felt so bad for my husband because he enjoys it so much and I felt like I was ruining his day. He is the sweetest and asked me if I wanted to do another roller coaster or take a break. I agreed to do Vortex, which really almost made me throw up. It has several loops back to back.

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I was done after that. My sweetest husband took me to get some water and we sat for a little bit so I could recover from it.

The day was lovely, sunny, warm but not too hot. I thought that maybe if I had something to eat I was going to be able to continue with the fun and ride more roller coasters. We ate at Coney Bar B Que, it was very delicious! After eating we headed to one of the wooden roller coasters,

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The Racer, this was so much fun and we ended up riding this one twice. Husband then went to ride the Backlot Stunt Coaster. I didn’t joined him for this one. I wanted to rest a little more before handling more action. In my husband’s sincere opinion he wasn’t thrilled about this one. Not the best!

We then proceeded to White Water Canyon. My husband was so optimistic and he tells me “I don’t think we are going to get too wet”. WE GOT SOAK!! It was so funny, the first dip that the raft took, a huge splash of water got us completely soak. LOL! We laughed so much.

This is why I love to go to places with him. He is my soulmate, the love of my life, my best friend. I can be me when I’m with him. Making memories that will last for a lifetime is the best way to use our money.

After we got off the ride, we couldn’t stop laughing. It was great!

We then went on to ride Mystic Timbers. Of all wooden roller coasters, this one is definitely on the top!

He then wanted to ride Diamond Back and I did not know if it had loops so I stay behind for that one and he went along without me. He really like it and told me there was no loops. Too bad! Certainly, I could’ve ride this one, next time will be the first one I try.

The night was falling on us and we were exhausted. So we decided to call it for the night, but before that we got two ice cream cones and sat beside the huge water fountain that is close to the entrance.

To end our day at Kings Island we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The views of the park and the surroundings were spectacular. The perfect ending to an amazing day!

Thank you for coming along for the second episode of Traveling My Own State. See you on the next adventure…

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