Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

I came up with the Splendies add while scrolling through Instagram. I watched their video and went to their site to see what exactly was Splendies. After reading through and clicking on the different tabs on the website I was hitched! I have to admit that even though was excited I also was a little … Continue reading Splendies: An Underwear Subscription

First Stitch Fix Subscription Box

I finally gave in and signed up for a Stitch Fix subscription box. The box arrived a few days after signing up. It was very exciting when I got home and the box was there at my front door waiting for me.   Let me tell you how Stitch Fix works. You go onto their … Continue reading First Stitch Fix Subscription Box

Its Time for YOU!

There are plenty of times when you feel drained, tired, and without an ounce of energy. Why? Your body is telling you to take a break from the hecticness of your day to day life. Is telling you to recharge your batteries. We have plenty of reasons as to why we can't just take a … Continue reading Its Time for YOU!

Traveling My Own State: Episode 2 King’s Island Mason, OH

My husband and I love to ride roller-coasters and when we moved to Ohio we learned that there are two great amusement parks relatively close to our house. Kings Island located in Mason, OH and Cedar Point located in Sandusky, OH. Both parks are own by Cedar Fair. To give you a little overview of … Continue reading Traveling My Own State: Episode 2 King’s Island Mason, OH