Style Your Closet

If you are like me you probably struggle with the inevitable question, “WHAT I’M GOING TO WEAR TODAY?” Or another one very common “I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR” but when you open your closet there is a lot of potential that we have simply missed all this time. All we need is a little imagination to style those pieces differently to make it look like we just got a new outfit.

In this post I’m going to share with you how to style one blouse in three different ways for a variety of occasions in your life from work to leisure time.

My inspiration to create the different outfits is this beautiful light cream blouse with blue, lilac, and pink flowers that I bought at Marshalls a while back.

I really love this blouse is so light and airy for this summer season!

Work/Date Night

For my first outfit I’ve paired the blouse with a pair of light blue skinny pants and a nude heel. The pants are very stretchy and comfy and the heels are 1 inch height. The outfit is appropriate for an office with a business casual dress code.

I wore this outfit for the office not too long ago and had so many compliments on it! When I wore it I felt put together without, comfortable, and chic!

I also can wear this outfit very easily to a date night appropriate outfit. Add a clutch, a nice necklace, and matching earrings and you are good to go!

Running Errands/Brunch with Girlfriends

For the second outfit, I matched the blouse with a jean jacket, a pair of ankle jeans, and white flat sandals.

This outfit is so comfortable and easy to throw on. Everything about it screams comfort while still looking well put together. Either for running errands or having brunch with friends this outfit is an excellent choice.

Lounging /Movie Night

For the third and final outfit, I decided to paired the blouse with white bermuda shorts, and a pair of nude flats.

The outfit is perfect to lounge around with your family and friends, for an afternoon cookout or a movie night with friends and family.

Mission accomplished! Now I have three different outfits using one piece of clothing as my inspiration!

I hope I provided all of you with some inspiration. Get in your closets and look for pieces you can wear more than once, mix and match, have a new outfit without investing any money on it! Imagine how many outfits you can come up from all the things you already own!


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