Valentine’s Day: Unconventional Suggestions on What to Wear

Wow! Valentine’s day is in TWO DAYS, WHAT!! (This is me screaming). Why so quickly? How it has sneak in like that without warning? I’m pretty sure I ignored all of them stupid signs and now I’m in this dilemma. Today is Monday, February 12th, 2018 and I haven’t go shopping for my Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit! If you are in my situation, here are some suggestions that might make your life (and mine) a little bit easier for the big day.


The suggestions I’m about to propose to you are pretty unconventional. They are not your typical fashion guru suggestions, so don’t be alarmed!

Número Uno (Number One):


Yes, you heard me! SHOP in your own closet. Ten times out of nine you have an outfit that have only wore once to a friends shower or birthday party. Or you have something in your closet still with the tags on it because you have not found the perfect occasion to wear it. We all are guilty of the last one! We buy things with the notion “I’ll have it just in case” (this it it). I will assure you that your Valentine might not even recognized the outfit or if its new or not. (Believe me, I have one of those at home) Go out, have fun, dance the night away!

Número Dos (Number Two):



Yes, I’m not crazy and no, you either! How many times you have asked your sister to borrow those pair of jeans that you swear look better on you (Love you Sis). Does your sister have this amazing outfit that you want to wear so badly? Or is it your cousin’s new blazer or blouse that she bought before you. You fell in love with it but because she have it there is no way you are going to buy it for you and be twinning with her. But you will die to wear it! GO AHEAD! Build up the courage and confidence to ask your sister or your cousin to let you borrow the items for your special night! No one needs to know and now one knows it except of course for your sister or cousin (the entire world, LOL). I guarantee you they are not going to say no! (In case they say no, you can always try option number three.

OK, you have tried option one and option two and nothing has worked out. You can’t go shopping for a new outfit because payday is not until Friday and you have maxed out your credit cards. Well, option number three is for you!

Número Tres (Number Three):


Have a stay in date! Get your date to get into their pajamas and you get on yours and have a romantic, lay back dinner at home! You can cook or get some carry out (that’s for you to decide). You don’t need to go out and get all dolled up (although that sounds great too) to have a wonderful time with your Valentine. Having the one you love by your side (whoever that might be) its what matters the most. So be creative! Get some board games, play some cards, or play some basketball PlayStation. The point is to have fun and reconnect with your Valentine. Think about all the benefits that having a stay in date can bring you and your Valentine; you safe money, safe yourself the disappointment of not having that killer outfit, and most importantly, it gives the opportunity to reconnect and have some meaningful conversations.


What ever your case might be! Remember that the most important thing is to celebrate LOVE whether is romantic love, friendship love, family love, puppy love, etc.There is someone by your side that loves you unconditionally and that you love them back the same way. It is important to recognized their value and how much better your life is because they are a part of it! Love takes millions of forms and shapes, is up to us to recognize them and give them the importance they deserve! Like once was said by H. Jackson Brown Jr. “Love is when the other person’s happiness is most important than your own”.


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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